First Tutorial in a New Place

Change isn’t easy, yet inevitable. 



I’m here today with a loooooooong awaited make up tutorial. If you’ve read my most recent blog post, then you know I moved into a new apartment recently – my very first apartment, actually, paid in full by yours truly!

Now that it’s been almost two week since I moved (gosh, where does the time go?), I’ve gotten almost everything necessary stored carefully away. This includes my make up, which is far more organized than it used to be. Thus, I’ve decided to celebrate.

Fresh faced from my mud mask and cleanse yesterday, while watching iZombie – a surprisingly decent but entirely different take on zombies – I remembered how desperately I wanted to dip my new morphe brushes into Huda Beauty’s rose gold palette before moving, but never had the time. Enough is enough!


I started off with one of my favorite BB Creams, the Bobbi Brown with SPF 35 in shade medium. It gives me a light coverage that I like without being heavy. And a good level of SPF is a necessity these days given that I ride a bicycle to work 5 days a week.


Next up! Brows. My favorite and second most essential step in my daily routine. I ran out of my trusty Anastasia Beverly Hills brow pencil, so I went back to Precisely, My Brow pencil shade 6. I forgot how much I liked this pencil. It’s super smooth and buttery, but it can get away from you quickly.


Honestly I probably don’t even need to fill in my brows if I keep them well groomed. There’s something satisfactory about have brows on fleek though ;)


Out of the palette, I went for Sandalwood as my transition shade with a morphe brush. Unfortunately, it was piece out of the eye credible set, so they don’t have exact brush specifications. I wanted a sweet look that wasn’t too dark and heavy, and I think I managed it pretty nicely.


And to deepen that transition, I used Henna overtop of that.


At the inner and outer corners of my eyes, I used Maneater – one of my favorite name for any eyeshadow color ever :D


Then in the center of the lid, I put Angelic to add a little bit sparkly pop and to gentle the harshness of Maneater. I imagine if I had put a black in the center instead it could have been a very nice night life look.


Another staple of my typical day routine is eyeliner! I don’t go anywhere without putting on eyeliner unless I’m just running out to the Sev for a snack. If you see me without eyeliner I might be dying or hungry.


Sorry the picture’s so blurry. Had to crop it.


I even broke out my Benefit cheek parade to give myself a bit of contour. These blubber cheeks aren’t going to give themselves any definition. Not that my game is deep definition anyway. I’m way too skeptical and particular about how my contour looks. And I hate a bad contour.


Finally, I put on one of my favorite pink shades that I really should wear more often, Kat von D’s lasting lipstick in shade Mother. I used to think it looked a lot the shade Beloved, but then I realized Beloved was a far lighter pink that just doesn’t look good with my dark complexion.


Peace out, chickens! Until next time ^-^


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