My Life in Boxes

I’m not bossy – I am the BOSS


Sorry for the nearly month long hiatus there, darlins. A lot’s been going on recently and it’s been very hard to find the time to write – must less the motivation to write.

But I’m back, and with some great news! I got an apartment!

At 20 years old, I work full time as a manager of Jimmy John’s (which means nearly 50+ hours per week), got my national servsafe certificate, and with a little help from family, will be moving into our new apartment on July 1st.

This will be my first time out there on my own. I’ve lived away from home before, but not like this. Work has my mind fully preoccupied 95% of the time, thus why I haven’t been blogging. Between that and the growing tension with my parents here at home, Joe and I decided that enough was enough.

We needed to find an apartment closer to my job, whatever the cost, and we needed to find one now. Unfortunately we were going to have to save for months on end just to get the deposit and first month’s rent, so instead of waiting I sold my car back to my step-dad (who I had originally bought it from). I won’t be needing it soon, anyway.


I never would have thought that between just Joe and I we would have so much stuff, and we basically live out of our bedroom. This is only a small portion of the packing, with other bins and boxes scattered throughout the house. Every night since I signed the lease on Friday, I’ve come home from work and packed non-stop for hours, until I just got so tired I couldn’t even function.

Today (Tuesday) and Wednesday are my only days off before the move this Saturday. I know if I don’t finish packing by Thursday morning, I’ll be behind. Here’s to an endless stream of NOS energy drinks in my future!

Anywho, that’s just a small update on why I’ve been gone so long. Fourth of July is coming up, which means another occasion to blog ;)

Until next time



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