Happy Birthday to ME! | Khali


Guess who just turned 20 today?

Still no guesses?

It’s me!

Yes, darlings, I’ve turned 20 finally. I feel like an adult. Not adult enough to buy alcohol but adult enough to be taken seriously.

Most days, anyway.

Do I feel any different being 20 vs. 19? Age wise, not really. It’s just another day I’m alive, one foot in front of the other, trudging on to get ahead in life. If anything, the progress I’ve made at work going from a regular sandwich maker to first assistant manager in the span of a few months has really aged me – and made me more confident and outgoing.

Sometimes I regret not going to college. If you didn’t know already, right out of high school I joined the Marine Corps. In June 2015 I graduated high school, in July 2015 I shipped out to Parris Island, and in September 2015 I came back home with nothing to show for it but a cover, new Facebook friends, and a lot of experience. Needless to say, I’m not a Marine, and I may never be. I tried to take a semester at the local community college a few months after boot camp and failed all but one class, which meant to me that I still wasn’t ready for school.

Now that I manage a store right on Main St. at the University, a lot of my co-workers and friends are college students who’ve wandered into my life. Some have gone already and some I’ll not soon forget. But watching them stress about finals makes me sad – sad that I don’t have the education they do, sad that they’ve had better opportunities than me, sad that they’re stressing so hard, and sad that it may be too late for me to go to college.

But then I remember I’ve only just turned 20. Barely a fraction of my life has gone by, with a wealth of opportunities ahead of me. I can do anything I want and more. I have all the time in the world to go get a degree – I might not get the crazy college experience, but what I already have is far better. I have a stable job and a loving relationship where I can just be myself.

There’s a lot of things I wish I had or wish had happened differently, but everything happens for a reason in my eyes. If this is where I was meant to be at this moment in my life, then there’s so much more greatness ahead of me.

So yeah, I turned 20 today.

♥ Khali


One thought on “Happy Birthday to ME! | Khali

  1. Happy 20th Birthday!!! I hope you still remember me?^.^
    Btw, add me on snapchat! I need friends :(
    What’s your snapchat?



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