25 Facts About Me! | Khali

The last few months while I’ve been trying to get my blog up and running, I realized that I don’t have much of an internet presence. I’m literally just another random stranger with a blog talking about things people have already talked about.

In an effort to share a bit of myself in hopes of reaching out to others, I present to you 25 FACTS ABOUT ME! aka Khalistrasza aka Khali :)

I hope they entertain you

~ I’ve played World of Warcraft obsessively since the 4th grade… Somehow I still suck at it

~ I have a stuffed wolf named Parker that I sleep with every night

~ My favorite season is Spring, easily

20170416_165819~ Way back when I went through an “emo/scene” phase where my dad let me get snake bite piercings at age 14 and I started dying my hair

~ I love to read and to write, when I have the motivation that is

~ I can talk in tongue tied circles for ages, but once you get pen and paper in my hands I can make beauty with words

20170109_162452~ I was in the United States Marine Corps once upon a time (it’s been nearly two years since, however)

~ Only after I left boot camp did I become even remotely girly. I have so much more confidence these days

~ My initials spell JAM

~ I get sick like all the time. I’m actually getting over being sick right now

~ I’m totally a cat person

20170327_202507.jpg~ I love all animals but my favorite are either horses or cats (wait do dragons count?)

~ My favorite book series is, easily, the Pendragon series. If you haven’t heard of it then you need to read it RIGHT NOW

~ I love all of my make up but my favorite brand is BY FAR Too Faced. GivE ME MOAR

20170330_214102~ I’ve always wanted to be a photographer, and a violinist, but never had the chance to learn

~ I can’t do anything useful unless I’ve had at least six hours of sleep and a NOS energy drink

~ My boyfriend cooks because I have no idea how… something I’m trying to change

~ I have three tattoos – one on each inner forearm and one on my left shoulder blade

~ Once I had a series of gerbils by the names of Calypso, Arkane, Rain, Cinder, Monkey, Moon, and Taurus over the course of four years

~ Apparently I drive like a grandma. Excuuuuse me I like to arrive alive

~ My ethnicity is 1/2 Puerto Rican, 1/4 African American, 1/4 Caucasian

~ No I’ve never been to Puerto Rico, or outside of the country for that matter. Boo :(

20170427_114154~ I took one semester of college after boot camp and only passed one class. I really don’t like school anymore even though I love to learn

~ I used to be so pessimistic and depressed. Once I learned how to accept the things I can’t control and take charge of the things I could, I became so much happier

~ Hate me all you want but I hate going to the beach – it seems like a good idea until sand is everywhere… EVERYWHERE


So there it is! Just some fun facts about good ol’ Khali. If you’re reading this feel free to tag me in any facts about yourselves – I’d love to get to know more about my readers and fellow bloggers

Until next time ;)


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