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Awesome Deep Red Falsies Look | Khali Tutorial

Welcome back!

You may have seen in my most recent blog post that I managed to get my hands on the Anastasia Beverly Hills Modern Renaissance palette aka the freaking love of my life! As soon as I opened that beauty I just had to dip my brush in and go to town. Even tough I’m sure every look possible and more has been created since its launch I can’t wait to share with you what I managed to make from it

vampy ABH MR eyes.jpg

I went for somewhat of a full face vibe without truly going full face. I have very good skin, so I very rarely use a full coverage foundation, rather choosing to go for a BB cream or even nothing more than moisturizer so don’t be surprised if I never use a foundation

I started off with Imperialis by Lush all over to moisturize and prime my face, and Urban Decay Original Primer Potion to prime my eyelids. Afterwards, I applied Benefit BB Cream Big Easy in shade Light/Medium evenly across my face as a base. This is my favorite BB cream to date because it has a very matte finish, which is good for my generally oily skin, and because the SPF in this baby is 35! Perfect for a light coverage or especially hot days out in the sun.

Once that was on, I grabbed my new Benefit Goof Proof brow pencil shade 6 to define my brows. I have to be careful with this one. If I don’t use a light hand my brows will end up too thick, but with a bit more care they came together perfectly.

vampy ABH MR closed.jpg

vampy ABH MR slight eye.jpg

After brows, I finally picked up my Modern Renaissance palette and swept Raw Sienna into the corners of my lids and through my crease as a transition shade, then followed up with Red Ochre in the same areas. And just to deepen and accentuate the look further, I placed a very small amount of Cyprus Umber just in the outer corners. Beneath the eye I dragged more Red Ochre about 3/4th of the way from the outer corner, and in the inner corner I splashed Love Letter on the last 1/4th of my lower lash to pop.

The biggest hurdle down, I went for my eyeliner. I used Maybelline Master Precise black felt tip eyeliner. It’s the perfect midpoint between Kat von D’s felt liner and the liquid liner by Revlon that I’ve used for years. I’ve been doing my eyeliner almost every day since I was 13, I can’t live without it.

vampy ABH MR purse.jpg

I curled my lashes and put on some Better than Sex mascara from Too Faced. Feeling as brave as I was, I decided to take my chances with some falsies. I’ve literally never worn or even thought about wearing fake lashes, but… I don’t know, for some reason I wanted some. Every good collection has fake lashes, right? The lashes I’m wearing are Sephora collection Audacious #21 lashes and omg I freaking love them

Another thing I don’t normally do is contour, but along with the other wonderful things I’ve got, I got an ABH contour kit. I went ahead and slapped on some Havana to contour my cheeks, my nose and my jawline. It’s hit or miss for me with contour, but I feel like I didn’t do such a bad job this time around

And, of course, my final steps were highlighter and lipstick. Using a small fan brush, I used Too Faced’s new Love Light highlighter shade Blinded by the Light. I got to tell you, I’m in love with this highlighter, but let’s get real. I’m just in love with Too Faced. One day we’ll be together <3

Anywho, the lipstick for this look I chose was my new Bobbi Brown Soft Berry luxe lipstick, which is TO FREAKING DIE FOR. I love these lipsticks to death, I doubt I’ll wear anything else in the next few months

Well, that’s my first trot at a tutorial that explained rather than just showed pictures and products… let me know what you think, if it’s too wordy or not wordy enough ;3

That’s all for me, darlings! Until next time ~


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