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Beauty Brawl – Liquid Lipsticks | Khali

Hello again lovelies!

I’ve had a brilliant idea that woke me in the middle of the night last night. I’m sure it’s been done plenty of times, but in this day and age what hasn’t? Thus I forge on.

As the title reads, I’ll be doing a…. BEAUTY BRAWL!

What is a Beauty Brawl, might you ask?

Well, my darling, a Beauty Brawl is when I pin two to four make up items from a category against each other in the ultimate battle of beauty! I’ll be analyzing longevity of wear, application, color, formula, pricing, and so such. In the end, whichever brand has the best of 5 personal rating wins ~

Today we’re looking at four liquid lipsticks by Kat von D, Too Faced, Rimmel London, and Revlon.

♥ Kat von D liquid listick – Double Dare:

kat von d.jpg

In general, these liquid lipsticks are almost perfect. I could wear these all day long – with a few chapstick and touch up breaks, that is. I find the formula of this extremely drying, which was quite disappointing considering this is a higher end lippie. The regular doe foot applicator is the perfect classic and goes on smooth without drying too quickly at the start. They have some wear, as most lipsticks do, but not enough that it’s tedious.

Specifically, this color is love! This was the liquid lipstick that sparked my love. Right after I bought this, I bought at least four others. All I would wear for weeks was my trusty Double Dare! At $20 a pop, these aren’t my favorite anymore, but I certainly do love them.

♦ Rating: 3/5 ♦

katvon d

♥ Too Faced Liquefied Matte – Sell Out:

too faced sell out.jpg

You have ABSOLUTELY no idea how much I love everything about this lipstick. The color, the formula, the brand… I’d seen this specific color all over IG for weeks and just had to have it! It had a nice, moisturized feeling that the Kat von D lipstick didn’t have, which meant that I could wear it longer without worrying it was making my lips looked cracked and so not cute. I could even eat through it with minimal reapplying.

Too Faced is my favorite brand, so I didn’t expect anything less than awesomeness – though I am fairly upset there aren’t any other colors I would wear. Maybe if I was feeling adventurous I’d get one of the other colors, but I don’t exactly have $21 to waste every couple weeks on lipstick I don’t wear much.

The weird thing is when I went to wear a few months after wearing it every day, I noticed I wasn’t quite as happy with it as I used to be. If I put it on too light, the color was pinkish, but if I put it on too heavy, it was a deep brown. I don’t know if that had always been a problem or if it’s all in my mind, but it was a startling revelation.

♦ Rating: 4/5 ♦

sell out.jpg



♥ Revlon Ultra HD Matte Lip Color – Kisses:


Oh. My. Goodness. I can’t even express to you how shook I was when I nabbed this off the Walgreen’s shelf one day before work. I had never seen this kind of packaging from Revlon before, so it caught my eye almost immediately. The first thing I noticed when I opened was the sweet berry smell wafting into my nostrils. It was a surprise to say the least.

The second thing I noticed was the applicator wasn’t your typical doe foot – rather, it was flat on both sides. I didn’t think it would work any better than a doe foot, but oh boy was I so wrong. Having the flat part be on both sides made application so much easier and smoother than a dream.

revlon application.jpg

As soon as I got the chance, I went back to Walgreen’s and bought just about the rest of the colors – there was a color for every occasion and I needed to have them all. They’re only $8.99, buy 1 get 1 at Walgreen’s for the moment. I still put one of these on every other day, they’re just so great!

However, it does create a quite soft look. If you’re going for heavy and intense color, these might not be for you. Rather, if you’re into a soft, subtle type of color, this is totes for you.

♦ Rating: 5/5! ♦

revlon 5

♥ Rimmel London Provocalips Kiss Proof Lip Color – Make Your Move:

rimmel london

I was hesitant to pick this up at first because it’s a two step liquid lipstick, with the 2nd step being “Lock & Shine”. Shine is a no no for me and my naturally plump lips, but I was intrigued none the less, so I grabbed it anyway. The finish on the color only is uber matte, with a smidge of sparkle.

Even though I love the color of this lipstick, it went on smooth at first, but as it dried it got… sticky, tacky, and kind of unpleasant. At first, anyway. It evens out and feels far less sticky after the first hour. This lipstick claims to be 16 hour wear. Let me tell you boo that it’s way more than just a claim. Once you get past the weird sticky feeling on your lips, this lipstick WILL NOT BUDGE. If I put it on before work at 4:30 pm, and I come home at 4:30 am trying sleepily to take my lipstick off, I gotta struggle for a good five minutes to get it off.

I did eventually cave and use the second shine step. It wasn’t actually shiny like I was worried – it just made the lipstick into a gloss instead of a matte, which is nice so you can take your pick. It also diluted that odd sticky feeling when I used it right away. I still preferred it without the shine, but knowing the shine wasn’t as scary as I thought was comforting. These go for $7.29 at Walgreen’s, thus being the cheapest lipstick in the Brawl.

♦ Rating: 4/5 ♦


rimmel gloss

And thus, my personal winner is REVLON ULTRA HD MATTE LIP COLOR! I could wear these every day for weeks before getting sick of them ^-^

Can you tell what shade my favorite is? They all almost look similar…

Feel free to explore these brands on your own and let me know what you think!


♥ Khali


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