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Gelatin Face Mask | Khali

Hello beauties!

Recently while raiding my pantry I found some unflavored gelatin and was like… hmm, what the heck would I ever want unflavored gelatin for?

But I got to thunkin’, right, while looking at my hideous black heads, right, and just then it clicked – use the gelatin to see if that crazy face mask thing actually works.

Thus, as I write this, I have a stinking milk and gelatin mixture hardening on my face and keeping me from eating my pickle slices.  Poo :<

face mask tight

The recipe I followed called for a disposable cup, 1 tablespoon of unflavored gelatin, 2 tablespoons of milk (any percent), and a Popsicle stick or an unused make up brush. If you use a make up brush, toss it or wash it super thorough – I’m not joking when I say this stuff stinks

gelatin face mask

face mask yuck

Once you mix your gelatin and milk in your cup, it should get this thick chunky consistency. Not too chunky, however. Then, put it in the microwave for 15 secs.

Now, this is super super super important so you don’t do what I did

Apply directly to your face, BUT SLOWLY AND CAREFULLY

IT WILL BURN YOU if you’re not careful!

Also, don’t apply too close to any hairs you don’t want ripped

what face mask

I was quite confused when I put it on… it wasn’t like anything I had ever felt or – blech – smelled before

Wait 15 minutes until it hardens or you can’t move your face so well. Start peeling at the edges of the mask, slowly!

My nose was extremely successful – I’ve never pulled, pushed, or otherwise tortured to get my blackheads off my nose – so needless to say I was pleasantly surprised when this came away

blackhead gelatin face mask

Gross right?

Unfortunately, I started with the edge of my face and literally wanted to die. My cheeks are really feeling the pain :< I couldn’t even get it all the way off it hurt so bad. If this is the case, use a warm towel to wipe away the remainder and gently pat dry

khali thumbs down

Directly after this I threw on some of my trusty Imperialis from Lush and am already feeling better

In the end, this at home gelatin face mask is NOT Khali approved! I hated it, it hurt, and there was very little pay off for the torture! I don’t recommend this to anyone. If you hate your black heads and want smooth skin, exfoliate and moisturize appropriately, please

Yours truly

♥ Khali


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