Baltimore Sleep Over | Khali

Normally I don’t mind working non stop throughout the week. I’ve gone and worked seven days a week and would have happily piled on more. But as my responsibilities at work triple what they used to be and my shifts are getting longer, I’m helplessly tired throughout the week. I work so much I’ve been caught dreaming about work. I need me time.

Luckily for me my best friend Austin was attending a business party in Baltimore and needed a plus 1. I jumped on it instantly! I needed at least a week off of work or I was going to snap – either at Joe or at a coworker or my parents – I was going to give eventually.

baltimore best friends


Our hotel was just off the Baltimore harbor – perfect for walking to and from the riverfront. It wasn’t until I got to the room that I realized the party itself was in the Baltimore aquarium.

His company had rented out the entire aquarium!

baltimore jaz swagbaltimore swag

baltimore jellyfishbaltimore eel thing

Even though we didn’t really know anyone at this company party, we took solace in each other’s company and enjoyed ourselves regardless ~

Walking around the aquarium, we were extremely excited to realize there were stands of food everywhere we turned – a taco stand, a desert stand, ice cream, steak, chicken, seafood (poor fishes!) – anything our little hearts could imagine.

Even s’mores!

baltimore smores

Chocolate Mousse, Strawberry & Yogurt, Apple Pie

Being used to staying up until the wee hours of the morning – thanks work – I was up until like 6am just watching stupid hotel TV. Even Austin was tired, so the both of us slept until almost noon when we needed to check out.

Thus, we headed off to some of the fun food places we had set up for the day before going home.

Our first stop – Papermoon Diner!

papermoon frontpapermoontwinspapermoon cowpapermoon manpapermoon coffee

papermoon friends
My dining pals~

papermoon couple

chicken wrap

We had to wait 20 minutes to be seated, which wasn’t shocking given the amount of people packed wall to wall inside the little diner. I’ll be honest though. It was totally worth the wait!

This strangely decorated diner made my entire day!

After eating we had a few hours to kill, so I suggested going to the local mall. Low on funds as I was, I didn’t really buy anything, but we wanted to waste a few hours after our filling brunch so we could hit our dinner spot – Kyodai Rotating Sushi Bar.

kyodai rotating barkyodai swords

The idea here wasn’t a buffet like I thought – you don’t pay one price and eat whatever you want. Rather, depending on the color plate you picked up would be however much you pay for the food. They had all sorts of things I don’t even know the name of, but it was delicious none the less!

Sadly our trip was already over. I definitely felt a lot less stressed and a lot more relaxed than I had since October, probably. Still, I wasn’t going to let the trip end so easily. I had left Joe alone at home nearly all weekend and it was time to show him some attention.

They had built a mid-class sushi restaurant not even five miles from my house last year. My parents hate sushi so they would never go, but Joe and I are much more open to eating different foods. One last splurge, and we found ourselves at Rice.

ricerice sea world sushi rollsrice sesame seed chicken

Overall, the weekend was super splendid! Exactly what the doctor ordered!

Now that it’s a week later and Spring Break at the university commenced, it’s been slow enough at work that I can somewhat extend my relaxation by not working as hard. I’ll get back to the grind next week ;)

Anywho, that’s my trip! I’m hoping to start blogging more regularly, like Tuesdays and Sundays when I had a lot more time in the day.





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