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Monday Blues and Haul

Happy Belated Valentine’s Day, lovelies!

I’ve been feeling quite ill lately, so there haven’t been any new posts. Between drowning in enough snot rags to fill a kiddie pool and relationship issues enough to want to drown in a kiddie pool, there hasn’t been a lot of inspiration or motivation to either.

I was feeling pretty gross and ugly for multiple reasons, so I dragged my sickly butt over to the mall a couple of times to try pampering myself back to health. Between two trips, I got two new bras and five panties from Pink; two bath bombs, a massage bar, a bubble bar, and an expensive little jar of Imperialis; two eye palettes (three if you count the new replacement, I’ll explain), three lipsticks, a brow pencil, a new beauty blender, and a white eyeliner.

I used one of the bath bombs already, Butterball. It smelled amazing, but it left a thick coating on my skin that made me feel… well, like a butterball. I got another one called Dragon’s Egg just because it had the word dragon in it. Still haven’t used it. I was sort of hoping once it fizzled out it would have like a dragon in it or something. I don’t think it does, though.


A couple of days before I got really sick, I dropped my Chocolate Bar palette. It was my first name brand palette buy. Needless to say I could have cried when I saw that one of my favorite colors, crème brulee, had completely broken apart. Thinking the world had ended because I didn’t have the box anymore much less the receipt, I kept getting sicker and felt like I couldn’t do anything about it.

A few days later I was tired of being stuck in the house so I went out and bought the bras, panties, and bath bombs so I could take a relaxing bath then dress up and feel sexy. It worked, to some degree, and I slept like a baby that night.


And once I started feeling a little bit better, just after pay day, I went for round 2 at the mall, but this time I raided Sephora.

Have no fear! I was able to replace my broken chocolate bar for a perfectly good new one. Total score. Not that I had the first one for more than two weeks but still ;)

And while I thought about exchanging the chocolate bar for, maybe the semi-sweet or the bon bon one instead, I finally considered the peach palette. In the end, I just bought it. I’m probably a little late, but I don’t spend $49 easily.

I know I’m definitely late on this next one, the Naked 3 palette from Urban Decay, but that one is even more expensive than the Too Faced palettes I love so much, so it really was a splurge for me to buy it. I loved the rose gold colors so much I had to get it. Big plus that it came with a brush!

I also needed something new for my brows. For the longest time I’ve been used an angled brush and a black gel liner, but I already have natural thick and dark brows, so it was a fine line between too dark and oddly shaped. I just needed something to give them shape and fill in the thinner spots without overdoing it. I’ve got to say… Benefit is my new brow love.


And since I’m totally obsessed with Kat von D liquid lipsticks, of course I had to stop by her section and pick up a couple colors. I decided to go a bit more reddish pink colors. The top red one is Outlaw, and the pinker one is Bachelorette.

As a final splurge, since I hated the urban decay lipstick that I got before, Unicorn, I decided to try again with a different one. This color is called Hitchhike and I love it! Paired with a little candied peach from the Too Faced peach palette in the crease, I feel gorgeous.


All in all, I had a successful splurge. I feel a million times better than I did when I went shopping.

The peach palette is definitely my new favorite palette. What’s your favorite??

Until next time ~



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