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Mall Haul & Shenanigens

Sometimes a girl just needs to pamper herself.

A couple of days ago Joe and I went to the mall, fully intending to just have a good time and spend no money, but naturally we couldn’t resist ourselves. We had a little lunch in the food court, played with my camera some (I’m trying to learn photography if anyone wants to pass a few lessons), and eventually parted ways at Game Stop. While he took a looky at the games, I made my way to Sephora to fawn over the pretty but overly expensive make up.

I wasn’t planning on buying anything. Everything I wanted was far too expensive. $20 for a liquid lip, Ms. Kat? Crazy!

Maybe I am crazy, though, because I just couldn’t resist indulging myself. Joe had been buying things left and right all week, it was only fair I had my turn.

For weeks now I’ve been going into Sephora and staring longingly at the Chocolate Bar palette from Two Faced. Unable to take it any longer, I broke down and bought it (along with some other things).

The packaging is to die for!
Smells like chocolate <3


Left row, bottom to top: Gilded ganache; white chocolate; milk chocolate; black forest truffle, triple fudge

Middle row, bottom to top: salted caramel; marzipan; semi sweet; strawberry bon bon; candied violet

Right row, bottom to top: amaertto; hazelnut; crême brulee; haute chocolate; cherry cordial; champagne truffle

Some of the colors were fairly hard to swatch, like strawberry bon bon, which swatched very powdery. Not to mention I couldn’t tell the immediate difference between milk chocolate and semi sweet, but once I saw the picture I could see it was a very small difference.

Right: Lolita 2; Left: Lolita
Right: Lolita; Left: Lolita 2; peep my burn from work :<

And since i have such little self control, I ended up getting two more Kat von D lipshades despite the ridiculous price. What else did I expect? I already had Double Dare and it’s my favorite lip color, so I couldn’t resist getting two more shades that just blew me away.

I find that darker colors tend to go very good with my skin while lighter colors like soft pink just don’t really work. Lolita was a bit too dark and dramatic for day time use, but Lolita 2 was perf <3

The only downside I have with Kat von D liquid lips is they’re so dry on my lips. I have very cracked and big lips, it’s obvious when they’re dry. I’ll just have to use more chapstick.


I’ve also been in desperate need of a decent eye primer for the longest, and urban decay is the best for priming and finishing, so I made one last splurge in Sephora and bought this beauty. I’ve only used it once so far, but it kept my make up looking the same all day, even after I took a four hour nap (oops) :P and had gone to work.

Finally done in Sephora, I found Joe playing with an oculus rift, which needless to say was hilarious if you ever saw it. I was just about ready to go, my parents wanted to play Crabs Against Humidity, a Cards Against Humanity expansion, but he insisted on visiting his sister at her job in the mall.

As we were walking towards her kiosk we passed by Lush. I’d never bought anything from lush before, but I’d heard plenty of good reviews on just about everything in the store. Being the no good will-powered person I am, I just went ahead and bought myself a bath bomb. I needed a good soak after the long day I had at work.


I bought this lip scrub also to try and cut down on the dryness on my lips. I’ve been using it for a couple of days now with some burt’s bees. It doesn’t seem to have done anything useful yet. It smells like cotton candy tho, and tastes super yummy! I’ll keep using it whether it really works or not.

The bath bomb I got was a cocoa butter valentines day inspired one. I’d never used a bath bomb before. I was super excited!

ignore my ugly legs ><


And when it had all fizzled out, there were big hearts I crushed up and rubbed on my feet, and little hearts that dissolved in the white water. Joe couldn’t stop sniffing my skin when I finally crawled into bed after a long day out.

We went to dinner at Hibachi the next day, giving me the perfect excuse to try my new make up items. I’m not that great at blending yet, but I’m still working on getting the right tools, so I’m not overly concerned with how it turns out yet. Check out my tutorial HERE

On my face: Kat von D Lock – It concealer shade L13 Cool under eyes and in spots; black gel liner for brows

On my eyes: Urban decay original eye primer; white chocolate to highlight my brow bone; milk chocolate on the lip; gilded ganache in the crease; triple fudge to line the eyes

On my lips: Kat von D liquid lip shade Lolita

Overall I’d say I had a pretty good outing the last few days! Now it’s back to work (save me)

Khali <3


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